Fabrication equipment

Forming tools, cutting tools and shears

16-gauge sheet metal bench shear, bending brake, and roll former.
Heinrich metal punch and two Beverly shears.
Hossfeld Universal Number 2 Bender with hydraulic attachment and dies.
Number 3 Diacro pipe bender and dies.
Clausing Startrite cold cut saw.
Roll-in variable speed, gravity feed metal band saw.
Horizontal band saw.
Powermatic 20” drill press.
Bridgeport vertical milling machine.
South Bend 10” metal lathe.
50 ton H-Frame hydraulic press.
Hand tools including cut off tools, jigsaws, hacksaws, Jewelers saws, drills, hammer drill, sawzall, nibbler, tap and die set, punches, files, etc.

Abrasive Tools

Sandblaster with 4’ x 8’ capacity.
Spindle sander.
Bench grinder.
20” and 12” Disk sander.
ALMI Jancy Tube notcher for fish-mouthing tubing from ½” - 3 " in diameter.
Stationary wire wheel, burnisher and polisher.
80 PSI constant compressor for pneumatic tools.
Large selection of pneumatic and electric grinders and hand tools.
Direct ventilation system for all abrasive equipment.

Other features

Outdoor gated work area with overhead hoist and small crane for larger work.
A large selection of hand tools and safety equipment.

Welding Equipment

Seven station oxy/acetylene manifold welding system.
Portable oxy/acetylene welding setup.
Natural gas/air annealing torch.
2 Two Miller Synchrowave TIG welders 250 amp
Miller Millermatic MIG welder, 250 amp.
Miller ARC welder,100 amp.
Miller resistance spot welder.
Thermal Dynamics Pak 100 Plasma cutter.
Down draft ventilation table.
Ventilated welding area.


Foundry Equipment

Processes Utilized

Ceramic Shell (Lost Wax)
Resin Bonded Sand
Classical Investment
Molds (Silicone, Urethane, Foam, Glass, Plaster)


MIFCO  McEnglevan B-1501 Furnace set below grade.
3 - 100X Crucible (Holds 100 lbs. Aluminum, 300 lbs. Silicon bronze).
Large 1500 Degree burnout Kiln (Ceramic Shell).
Outdoor Iron Melting Cupola (400 lb. well)
Slurry tank - 45 gallon, 18” diameter.
1 ton ceiling mounted chain fall.
Muller (for mixing resin bonded sand).
Wax pot - 15 gallon.

Safety Equipment

Shop ventilation  includes burnout kiln, furnace, wax and slurry stations.
Protective clothing (leather spats, 3/4 length coats, gauntlet  gloves, aluminized aprons, and shielded helmets).
Eye Wash station and shower.