It is advisable to call the business first before driving there, as businesses change. If you have any corrections or additions to this list, please contact Tom Roney in the Trans Dept. Faculty Office. Thanks!

On line resources - A large industrial supply house in Chicago. Good for most “bits” you may need. - A “Yellow Pages” of sorts for industry. Here you can find several sources for what
you need.

Local Resources

Plywood, Bending Birch Plywood, Veneers, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
(see Hobby Shops for thin plywood, balsa and bass wood)

Hardwoods, Exotic Woods, Woodworking Items

Modelling Foam, Yellow and Tan Polyurethane- 6,12,20lb densities,etc.

4” Blue Foam

Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, Rods, Sheets, etc.

Metal Mesh, Stainless, Aluminum, etc..

Unique Hardware – Knobs, Drawer Pulls, Hinges, etc.

Plastic – Rods, Tubes, Sheets, etc.

Clay, Fiberglass, Clay tools, Mold-Making, Polyester resin, Latex, etc.

Automotive Clay-J525

Plastic casting resins: hard, soft , transparent or colored, polyurethane foam, Silicones, Epoxys, woven reinforcement fabrics, etc.

Jewelry making supplies

Fabric, Upholstery, sewing, etc.

Foam, vinyl, fabrics, upholstering

Hobby Store / Model Centers K&S Brass/Aluminum profiles, Plastistruct profiles, balsa wood, aircraft

plywood, basswood, X- Acto, Testors paints and decal film for printers, etc.

Paper, Handmade, Unusual Papers, Stationary, etc.

Hardware Stores

Open 24 Hours

Craft Stores

Radio Shack

Sign Shops (vinyl cut logos, silk screening, etc. for model graphics)

Signs by Tomorrow (vinyl and silk screening)