Please read the following instructions for budget preparation carefully.

New Initiatives

Each division officer (Rick, Sooshin, Anne, Julie, Nina) is the advocate for their respective departments. The officers will work with the department heads to prepare and prioritize all new initiative forms from their group for budget submission. Generally, only requests that support the strategic plan should be submitted for final review to the budget committee. If the request does not support the strategic plan then you must explain why it’s important.

Please work with your departments to prioritize new initiatives and submit only the most important requests. Prioritizing initiatives will reduce the number of forms submitted and will help ensure the projects most in need of resources are presented to the budget committee. Too many forms and no prioritization forces the budget committee to prioritize and therefore important initiatives may get denied, while something less important gets approved.

Final submissions, from the officers only, will be due to Kerri McKay on March 3.  Kerri will compile all requests into the master spreadsheet.  Please note: The officers must prioritize each request based on: Critical to Program, Critical to Student Experience and Health & Safety.

Current Expenses

There will be no current expense increase forms to complete because there will be no increase to current budget line items. The Business Office will request each department to contact them if there is an increase outside of their control to a current expense. The Business Office will decide whether or not the request is truly a current expense increase. Each officer will be provided a list of those current expense increases approved relating to your division. Otherwise each department will receive the same budget for 2017-2018 as they did in 2016-2017.

You should also be looking at your existing budget to see if any line items can be reduced to either offset additions or to allow funding for new initiatives. For example, scrutinize your existing line items for reductions resulting in removing funds for items you no longer use.

Budget Timeline:

Immediately – Meetings with your staff to discuss requests
Immediately – Inform Kerri McKay of any current expense increases
February 24, 2017 – completed new initiative forms due to division officer by staff
March 3, 2017 – completed forms due to Kerri McKay from officers
March 2017 – Budget committee meetings