24 Hour access is granted to seniors (as defined by Registration) or juniors enrolled in the departmentally designated senior level studio. Privileges will not be granted if a student doesn't meet these criteria.

Individual/special projects

When access is needed beyond building hours, and the need cannot be met by the 24-hour access room, approval must be obtained from Anne Beck, and agreed to by Garrett Ochalek, who is responsible for ensuring adequate security personnel are available. Notice must be given to Security at least one week (5 business days) before along with an approved list of student names.

24 Hour Computer Labs

There are designated 24-hour access spaces in the Kresge Ford building and the Taubman Center. After buildings close, all faculty members and authorized students entering the facility will generally be required to sign in with Campus Safety, at the Campus Safety office. The exception to this procedure is if the computer labs are open during one of the extended hour periods at mid-terms and for the end of the semester. During these times, authorized individuals must sign in with the Campus Safety Officer on duty at the desk in the lobby of the building. All persons will be required to wear their CCS identification card on their outermost garment for identification purposes. (This policy went into effect 9-26-02)


A holiday is any recognized CCS holiday when there are no scheduled classes. Access to offices and non-shop classrooms for staff, technicians and full-time faculty with proper CCS identification will be permitted after signing in at the Campus Safety Office. No students will be granted access during holidays.

Violation of Policy
Suspension Period
First One week
Second Two weeks
Third Indefinite

(This went into effect 9-26-02)

For safety and medical reasons, two people are required in an individual room after business hours.