The College for Creative Studies takes compliance with laws, regulations and college policy seriously, and has put in place an employee fraud hotline as an additional means of ensuring that suspected fraud, or other illegal activity are brought to the attention of the appropriate college officials, so they can be investigated, verified, and appropriate action can be taken.

The fraud hotline is intended for use by college employees only (faculty, staff, and student employees).

Financial fraud issues may include, but are not limited to:

To report financial fraud at the college, employees may call 313-664-7998 or use the form below to send an anonymous email which will be forwarded to the Fraud Committee:

Fill out my online form.

All reports of fraud, waste and abuse are held in confidence. Employees may choose to remain anonymous and have his/her identity protected from disclosure. The reporting individual(s) names(s) will not be divulged unless legal proceedings are initiated. All employees are protected from retaliation under federal and state whistleblower laws.

Please note that this system is not a replacement for current reporting protocols outlined in existing campus-wide policies. Students with concerns should continue to contact the college ombudsman, Assistant Director of Student Affairs. Employment related issues, such as discrimination or harassment, should be reported to the Director of Human Resources. This hotline does not replace the role of Campus Safety/Security as the first point of contact with any criminal activity or personal safety issues.