CCS 403(b) Plan Fund Changes (May 2016)

Plan Participants in the College for Creative Studies 403(b) Plan 500234 should be aware of upcoming changes to the College for Creative Studies 403(b) plan 500234 effective May 27th, 2016.  Below is additional information regarding the new investments, please feel free to go to the links listed below:

MFS International Value R3 (MINGX)
This option is currently available to all participants in the plan and additional information can be accessed through the TIAA website, as well as the following link:!ut/p/a1/jY7NroIwEIXfiCnMFXCJGv8NGqJCN6ZKLY2UmooSfXqLq-vC6OzOmW_OGaCQAq3YTQpWS12xstXU38UrbxUHY4-MMOkTb_AXY2eN7qCPFsjegHkYWSAebmb-koy67m_35MNE5Nv9FKgo9d6-uu0BvQ19vxBtaFTtMRRADT9yw41T6EsNadM0jtBalNw5aAWZLQ8-piceJEBtqOTNQuccsrPRR1ny5KoUM_d2Z538eqgnOWRIsHUuBTP8pd1_wFxWL7MbwPZb6Vmt08ekDgmqENXu9AQ3qcZE/

Hartford Core Equity R4 (HGISX)
This is a new option that will be replacing the CREF Stock Account R1.  There will not be a link to the information on the fund until after the conversion has taken place on May 27th.  To access information on the new fund, please click on the link below:

For any additional questions, please feel free to call Jason May at Morgan Stanley at 248-258-1785.