Students and Faculty are now required to schedule access to the Taubamn 11th floor laser cutter and the Ford 2nd floor laser cutter using the 25Live on line reservation system.

NOTE: If you are considered a department scheduler your view of these pages will differ.

It's a good idea to determine what time slots are open. A current schedule of reservations can be viewed on line by visiting the TAUBMAN LASER CUTTER SCHEDULE or the FORD LASER CUTTER SCHEDULE.

Be courteous. Show up early for your reservation. If you must cancel please contact Academic Facilities at 313.664.1607.

Date Restrictions

Events occurrences that you create are restricted to:

Scheduling Access

Go to

You will be required to log in. Click the Sign-In link inthe upper right and use your campus username and login.

Click the EVENT WIZARD tab.

The first screen will ask you for your name and which resource you wish to schedule. Make sure to select "Reservation - Laser Cutter" as the resource type.

After you have entered your name and resource, click NEXT.

The next screen will ask if your event has more than one occurrence. Select NO.


The system will ask when you would like to schedule your reservation. Select the date and time for your reservation. Remember all reservations must be no more than 21 days from current day. Your reservation can be no more than two hours.

Your reservation does not require a setup or take down time.


Click NEXT.

On the next page select the location. Search for the LASER CUTTER and select this resource. Make sure to select the correct cutter location.

Favorite a location by clicking the star so you don't have to search for it when making future reservations.

Note: if there is a conflict with your reservation it will display on this screen. If there is a conflict with the time you have selected the room will not display when the "Show only my authorized locations" box is checked. Uncheck this box to view the locations regardless of a conflict.


Click NEXT.

On the following page enter your contact information.


Click NEXT

The event state is CONFIRMED by default. Click SAVE to submit your reservation.

NOTE: A conformation email will be sent to your CCS email address.