Windows 10 and some Android devices require you to setup Wi-Fi manually. To get started make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on, select CCS-Wireless, and open a browser. You should be redirected to the portal page. If not, refresh your browser window to force the page to load.

Select "Register This Device" and enter your CCS login credentials.

At the bottom of the screen you will see an option to click to manually set up your wireless access, click where it says "click here".


On the next screen copy the network key that was generated for you.

Open your Wi-Fi settings and select "CCS-Secure-Wireless", when that opens paste in the network key you just copied. You should then get connected to the CCS-Secure-Wireless.

The last step is to forget the open CCS-Wireless network from your Wi-Fi network settings. Doing this will prevent you from automatically being reconnect to the open network.