1. What is Parchment?
Parchment is education’s trusted intermediary for electronic records. College for Creative Studies (CCS) has partnered with Parchment to give you the convenience of requesting and tracking your transcripts online. Being paperless saves CCS time and money, colleges and universities are able to receive your transcripts in the format they prefer, and it’s better for the environment. You will make your transcript requests online; the Registrar will send them electronically through Parchment who will deliver them on behalf of the CCS Registrar.

2. How will it benefit me?
It’s simple to use, secure, and will provide you with delivery confirmation when available. Plus, you don’t have to make a special trip to campus or drop your request in the mail; now you can request and track your transcripts online 24/7.

3. Where do I find it?
Go to your Registrar Home Page and look for this link: http://www.parchment.com. This will take you to Parchment to register an account.  If you need a transcript before that time you may visit the Academic Advising and Registration Office.

4. How do I use it?
First register with a valid email address (initial visit only), choose a password and complete your profile. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to validate your account and complete your registration. Sign in anytime to select the destinations to send your transcript(s) – other colleges or universities, employers, even yourself. Confirm your selections, accept the user agreement and pay online. Then check back anytime to see the status of your requests and track delivery in real time.

Why use Parchment?

How do I get started?Parchment Site

**If you have any problems during the registration or ordering process please use the Contact Us Form on the Parchment website to reach their customer service department so they may assist you. Please keep the user name and password you create as you’ll need it each time you want access to your Parchment account.

Questions? Visit www.parchment.com to search the website, FAQ or contact the CCS Academic Advising and Registration office at 313-664-7672.